Mike JohnsonMike Johnson

L&D Team Leader

Date Started : 05/11/2008

Mike knows everyone at GDP and has worked in sales and operations before helping out with some coaching. He has a real knack to get the best out of people and is great at explaining things. Claire saw this and has worked with Mike to develop the new L&D department with Mike as the team leader. Mike has recently completed his CIPD level 5 L&D Management with DPG plc and has just recruited Lucy Stone from sales to join the team. Mike still needs resource so watch out for any opportunities that come your way.

As from September 2016, Mike is now the L&D Manager working alongside Claire Fletcher. This means the people department has Mike looking after the L&D function and Claire looking after the HR function. There is of course some cross-over with their responsibilities.



newLucy Stone

L&D Associate

Date Started : 05/08/2007

Lucy has just joined the L&D team having moved from the sales team but has little experience in L&D. She is a quick learner though and John is a little upset to have lost her.




Sarah King

People Development Adviser

Date Started : 08/08/2008






Agnes Brown

Personnel Adviser