“To make juggling accessible and fun for the whole family”

juggler88cIt’s this simple. This is what drives us and why our values support our mission statement.

Our values are:

Family Orientated – We genuinely believe in family values and that family time should be fun! Juggling helps people relax, develop new skills and is a creative release. GDP is very much like a family unit – we support each other, work as a team and have fun!

Delighting Customers – Every employee at GDP gets up in the morning aiming to delight our customers at every opportunity. It’s this service led approach that makes us stand out from our competitors.

Making it Happen – Everyone at GDP takes accountability for their work and we never over promise and under deliver. We’re honest with what we can do and do everything in our power to make it happen. It’s how we’ve been so successful for such a long time.

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