Local Area

  • Small town in relatively rural area
  • Most people live within a 15 minute commute
  • Nearest big town is 60 minutes away by car on A class roads
  • Rail network doesn’t pass Anytown
  • House prices are lower than the national average
  • Increasing numbers of people are moving to the area from the big cities where the householder(s) commute out of Anytown for work
  • Local environment is picturesque
  • Lots of opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hill climbing, horse ridding, etc

Local Talent Pool

  • Mostly small businesses in the local area with 10 or less staff
  • The Nelson Mandela, Anytown business park where GDP is has mostly small cottage industries such as weaving, a bespoke furniture maker, photography and a canoe fabricator
  • Some related activities to our production such as:
    • three car garages (10 mechanics)
    • one woollen mill (20 machine operators)
    • A agricultural machinery and vehicle sales and repair establishment (35 people)
    • Salmon farm with 10 employees
  • Biggest employer is the local authority with the usual range of role

Local College

Specialises in agriculture, tourism and personal services courses (such as hairdressing)


The government enterprise company see us as vital to the area so we would be hopeful of some funding